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River Cetina and Surroundings

River Cetina and Surroundings
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A beautiful river which runs between the mountains and the sea

Cetina river is one of the most beautiful rivers in Croatia. The magical thing about this river is the fact that it offers rafting and it is surrounded by many small villages.

The river area is surrounded with mountains Dinara, Kamešnica and Svilaja. The climate is somewhat unusual because of its location (between the mountains and the sea).


It is very interesting how the river Cetina unites all the waters (below and above the ground), plus it connects many fields. The region is rich in caves and canyons. Tourism blossoms there, and if you like what you have read, come and experience this yourself.


There are many places on the world which are famous for rafting. Each place is special and unique in its own way, so is this one. Beautiful scenery, domestic cuisine, restaurants, biking trails, hiking trails, fishing expeditions and more.


This part of the country is great for one day trips, hiking expeditions, biking and pretty much anything else that comes to mind. The region is not far from the sea, and you could make it as one of your stops towards the Dalmatia region.


Bring a camera and have a great active holiday among nature!


Opening hours

7:00 - 23:00

How to get there

Driving: Take the highway A1. Exit at Split, follow the state road D1.

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  • River Cetina and Surroundings
River Cetina and Surroundings