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The River Mrežnica and Camp Ground

The River Mrežnica and Camp Ground
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A river and its camp grounds offer incredible green scenery

Mrežnički Brig bb, 47250 Duga Resa, Croatia

Not everyone likes crowded beaches and salty sea water: some would rather enjoy bathing in the river, fishing and to be able to enjoy peace and quiet. River Mrežnica is a perfect place to start your vacation. You can make it a one day stay, or you can spend the entire vacation there. If you are afraid that you are going to be bored, you are absolutely wrong.


There are many things which this part of the country offers. If you like active vacation, you have come to the right place. This river is often called the “the green beauty” and  the scenery has many forests, plants of all kinds and waterfalls.


People there have apartments to rent, but if you come with a trailer, you can park it at the nearby auto camp “Slapić”. The camp has 48 parcels along the right side of the coastal line. The camp offers modern sanitary facilities and a playground for kids.


People can rent a boat, or play a tennis match, badminton, table tennis or play cards. The place has nice biking trails and offers fishing expeditions.

Opening hours

7:00 - 23:00

How to get there

Driving: Take the highway A1, and exit at Karlovac. Follow the sign that says Duga Resa (10 km from Karlovac). When you get to Duga Resa, take a turn toward Senj, and in village Bulavići turn left.

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  • The River Mrežnica and Camp Ground
The River Mrežnica and Camp Ground