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River Soča

River Soča
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Emerald beauty – adventure seekers paradise - Enjoy in river Soča

5213 Kanal

River Soča is by far the most beautiful river in Slovenia. Emerald colours of the river bring a special meaning and can inspire everyone. It runs through an interesting environment, through small villages and treacherous terrain, perfect for all explores out there.

River Soča is best known by its water sports. There are many points down the river where you can participate in different water sports, such as rafting, kayoing, canoeing, hydro speed, SUP and others, especially in Bovec. You can jump to Soča river from Kanal Bridge and enjoy fishing at various location. Even if not attending in any of those activities it’s certainly worth a gaze.

River Soča is quite unpredictable, from peaceful parts to dangerous rapids. Natural swimming places are arranged in the summer and bravest visitors can try to swim in this ice cold water. Every year, jumps from the bridge are organised and visitors can try to jump into the water from big heights.

Opening hours

Spring and Summer