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Rogaska Slatina, resort and Donat Mg mineral water spring

Rogaska Slatina, resort and Donat Mg mineral water spring
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The most fashionable Slovenian spa and wellness resort and Donat Mg mineral water spring

Rogaska Slatina, Slovenia
Rogaska Slatina offers it's guests a choice of more than 15 restaurants, bistros and cafes, with traditional Slovenian, European and international menues. Restaurant Kaiser is a kind of a must-visit place.
If you plan to take a course of Donat Mg water drinking, it is highly recommended to stay at the resort for a minimum of 7 days.
Planning a trip with children, please take into consideration that the best and most popular hotels at Rogaska Slatina do not offer animation programs for kids nor do have any kind kind of a water park adapted for them.
When you go shopping, Afrodita cosmetics shops are the must. Based on mineral water and newest developments, it is definitely one of the best and most effective European cosmetics brend and a good gift idea.
Rogaska Crystal (Steklarna Rogaska) factory is another brilliant shopping-spot.
Depend on a hotel, days of stay and services used, starting from 40 eur per person / night, and spa / medical programs starting from 350 eur / week.
There is also a possibility to buy daily / weekly entry tickets to Donat Mg water center which starts from 3 euro per person.

Rogaska Slatina is a well-known picturesque town in Eastern Slovenia, some 15 km from the Slovenian-Croatian border. Nowadays Rogaska Slatina is with no doubt the most famous and fashionable resort in Slovenia, attracting guests from all over the world due to it’s natural spring of curative Donat Mg mineral water, sophisticated spa and wellness programs, and  crystal glass production plant (Steklarna Rogaska).


While planning your stay in Rogaska, you can choose from moderate-priced 3 st hotels to famous 4 st. Grand Hotel Donat, Grand Hotel Sava, Grand Hotel Rogaska, or even a 5-star boutique Hotel Alexander, peacefully located on the hill overlooking the town.


The heart of Rogaska Slatina is its medical center built on a spring of Donat Mg mineral water. Visiting Rogaska Slatina, you are not obliged to participate in a medical program, one can just buy daily or weekly card to enjoy the nearly magical impact of Donat Mg to your health. Drinking Rogaska mineral water could be highly advisable to the vast majority of people nowadays as due to the modern way of life gastrointestinal and digestion disorders are a very common thing.   Through the years, medical center of Rogaska has become more than just Donat Mg center, and now it offers a range of highly professional medical programs, from general check-ups to сardiovascular medical treatment.


But Rogaska Slatina is much more than just a medical resort. Plenty of guests arrive here to enjoy spa and wellness programs which are offered in almost every hotel of the resort and to pamper themselves with the most sophisticated wellness treatments.


If you wish to have a fashionable night out while in Rogaska, you do not have to leave the resort as here you can find high-class gastronomic experience, concert program, and even a casino. For example, New Year’s eve celebration at Rogaska Slatina is something to remember.

Opening hours

Hotels are open 24 / 7, medical center is usually open 08.00 - 18.00, spa and wellness centers are open 08.00 - 21.00.
Please keep in mind eventual seasonal workings hours changes

How to get there

Rogaska Slatina resort is located 85 km from international Zagreb airport and 115 km from international Ljubljana airport. You can get to the resort using some rent-a-car service, a private transfer or a regular bus / organised shuttle