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Sports, Wellness Center, and more available year-round!

Rogla, 3214 Zreče, Slovenia
Visitors will be amazed by the delicious traditional meals prepared using fresh ingredients from the Rogla-Pohorje region. Most dishes are pan-fried. You can also expect to find various herbs and flowers in sauces, teas and juices.
Visit the Church of Jesus Christ on Rogla and take a guided walk to the observation tower for breathtaking views.
Full price list for all offerings is available on Rogla's website. To save money, you can book a package through their website for a stress-free all inclusive vacation.

Rogla is one of the highest Pohorje mountains. From skiing and snowboarding in the winter to hiking and cycling during the summer to adrenaline adventures and fine dining options year-round, Rogla always has something available to suit your interests.


During winter, in addition to traditional ski slopes, visitors can stop by the Rogla Fun Park to partake in daring acrobatics. During summertime, besides hiking and thrilling mountain biking, it is common to find people participating in Nordic cross-skating and team sports.


However, Rogla is not limited to its many active offerings, Rogla has many options available for those interested in health and wellness. Visitors can relax in wellness centers while being enveloped by Pohorje woods. For active visitors who are not interested in outdoor sports, you can take advantage of the indoor swimming pool or the sports hall which has activities such as rock climbing. Visitors also have the opportunity to experience traditional Slovenian culture and cuisine. No matter what time of the year you visit, you will be amazed by the views from the mountain and relaxing environment provided by the surrounding forests.