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Sa Calobra

Sa Calobra
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Drive along 12 hairpin bends on Majorca's most twisting road

Port de Sa Calobra, Islas Baleares, Spain
There are several restaurants on the way and at the port Sa Calobra. It is also a nice spot for a picnic.

The small village Sa Calobra is most famous for its bay, the the hidden beach at the exit point of the torrent ‘Torrente de Pareis’, its cove and the 14 kilometer long serpentine road to the village. Sa Calobra is one of the few sights, where not the village is the final destination, but where actually the whole journey is a real attraction and adventure. A serpentina road winds up and down the Tramuntana mountains, passing an altitude difference of about 682 meter.


The serpentine road was planned by the Italian engineer Antonio Paretti in a way that brings the least impact and damage to the mountains and at the same time does not have too many harsh and steep turns. The construction begun in 1932, until then only 32 residents lived in the village, as it was only accessible by boat or by walking through the arduous Torrente de Pareis – which is nowadays one of the most famous and dangerous hiking routes on Majorca.


You should go slow when hitting the road to Sa Calobra. Not because you will be driving through 12 hairpin bends, but to enjoy the breathtaking vistas and to explore and inhale the green and harsh countryside. After each curve a new, stunning view will surprise you. At one point, the curve turns 270 degree, looping under itself. You are at the famous ‘Knotted Tie’ now. Take a break at the small restaurant right next to it and relax in the sun with a hot coffee or cold soft drink, being surrounded by this incredible scenery.


Do not be alarmed by the busloads full of tourists. The place remains natural and mainly unspoiled. Walk through the 200 meter long tunnel system until you reach the Torrente de Pareis. This george starts several kilometers up in the mountains and ends here in a small, protected pebble stone beach. You will feel like in a hole, teilweise the vertical mountain walls reichen several meter high. It is a nice hidden beach for a picnic and a swim, but be warned: in summer you will not be alone here.


On your way back, have a stop at Cala Tuent. This small cove with a small sand beach is also home to a 13th century church, the Eremita de Sant Llorenç. This place will also be more quiet than Sa Calobra, as the hords of tourists traveling by bus will not reach here.

How to get there

From Sóller go on the road MA-10 and then take the MA-2141to Port de Sa Calobra.

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Sa Calobra