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Sa Foradada

Sa Foradada
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A lovely hike to a rock famous for its hole

Sa Foradada, Son Marroig, Deià, Islas Baleares, Spain
Stay for the sunset and have a drink at the small snack bar at Son Marroig, overlooking the rock.

One of the most loved subject for a photo on Majorca is without doubt the Sa Foradada: a rock with a huge hole floating in the blue sea. You get an impressive panoramic view from the Sa Foradada viewpoint, especially during sun set. However, that is not the only reason, why you should visit the hole in the rock. This natural monument owes its hole to the sea itself as the swell, the salty water and the wind hollowed the rock over the years. Nowadays the diameter encompasses about 14 meters.


A lovely hiking path passes old and twisted olive trees, resinous smelling pine groves, bizarre rock formations, going along a picturesque coastal scenery. The path starts at the Son Marroig manor, the former residence of the Austrian archduke Ludwig Salvator. It is a good idea to announce your visit to Sa Foradada and ask for permission, as the hiking trail crosses their private property.


First you need to climb over some iron gates and afterwards a gravel path through the typical Majorcan red soil leads down the mountain. After a while it gets steeper and steeper and serpentines wiggle around the mountain. You will descend about 275 meters to reach the Sa Foradada, always accompanied by a nice view towards the rock. It is picture time every 10 steps! However, the path is steep and arduous, especially when climbing up again you will feel your legs aching and the sweat running down your back. It will take about one hour to get all the way down, but you will be rewarded by a fantastic view and the power of this unique spot.


If you are not too tired and love to have some thrill, you can actually climb up the rock. It is a bit dangerous, as the rock wall ascends almost vertically. Look out for a red dot of paint, which marks the easiest way to climb up the rock. Standing right on top of the rock gives you an incredible feeling. You are standing on an edge, looking down straight into the deep blue sea. Be careful and do not fall off the cliff!

How to get there

Take the bus L210 which starts in Palma de Mallorca, goes through Valldemossa and continues to Deià and Sóller.

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