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Saint George and the Dragon Statue

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The depiction of a fascinating Christian legend

Trg Republike Hrvatske 9-10, Zagreb, Croatia

The statue of St. George and the Dragon is located in the Lower Town. It was created in 1855. by an Austrian sculptor, in 1967. it was bought by Juraj Haulik, who was the archbishop of Zagreb at that time. Throughout the years it’s been moved around the city, but today it can be found on the Republic of Croatia Square.


The statue depicts St. George in action, moments before the dragon’s death. This piece of art is quite good, it was even awarded at the World Exhibition in Paris.


There’s another St. George and the Dragon statue in the Upper Town, right next to the Stone Gate! Some say that the dragon in front of St. George is not a dragon, but a monster. We have to admit, the head of the dragon is really serpant-like. Truth be told, everyone depicts dragons in their own way; especially since there is no living person who’s seen a living (or a dead, as a matter of fact) dragon. Art is subjective, you always have to remember that!



If you like Christian legends and stories about dragons, you should definitely check out either of the two St. George statues. You will love them both!

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