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‘Saint Nedelya’ Church
‘Saint Nedelya’ Church
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An Orthodox cathedral in the center of Sofia

This is an orthodox church in the center of Sofia. It is located on a square, which carries the same name. The surroundings of the church are very vivid, full of people, restaurants and cafes, so you can spend wonderful moments on a tourist walk around.


At first, a church on this place was built in the 10th century. It had stone basics and a wooden construction. In the 50s of the 19th century, the construction of a new cathedral temple started. The church was completed in 1863 but its decoration takes a few more years.


One of the darkest moments in the Bulgarian history was the communist act of terrorism in the ‘Saint Nedelya’ Church on 16th April 1925. A bomb in the church killed 193 people and injured around 500. The restoration of the building started in 1933 and in 1933 it was officially consecrated.


In 2002 an automatic device for ringing the bells was installed in the cathedral. The bells sound really solemnly and they profit for the charm of the city. A lot of busy and hurrying people gather here and hearing the bells helps me relax a little and slow down the rhythm of the day.


This cathedral is an important part of Sofia and it has been changing through the years together with the city through different times and political powers. It is a symbol of the city and the Christian community.


‘Saint Nedelya’ Square on which the cathedral is located, is a central place in the city and some interesting fairs and exhibitions often take place here. Also, there are many interesting buildings around that should be seen like the Sofia Synagogue, the mosque and the Presidency and many restaurants and cafes where you can sit and have a meal or a drink. Here, you can feel the real spirit of Sofia and have some pleasant time.