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Salina Târgu Ocna

  • (worth a detour)
  • 3-5 km
  • Moderate
  • Low
  • 2 hours
  • 2 2

Salina is one of the 6 salt mines in Romania, being like a city underground

Târgu Ocna, Romania
Bring very warm clothes and be very careful not to get lost or hurt, avoid crowds.
- adults: 18.00 ron/day/person
- childern between the ages 2-18: 9,00 ron/day/person

- aduls: 16.00 ron/day/person
- childern between the ages 2-18: 8,00 ron/day/person

- adults : 16.00 ron/day/person
- childern between the ages 2-18: 8,00 ron/day/person

- pool billiard: 10ron/hour
- tennis table: 5 ron/hour
- video games: 3 ron/coin
- inflatable slides: 3 ron/15 min
- karts for childern: 7 ron/15 min
13 ron/30 min
- karts for adultsi: 9 ron/15 min
15 ron/30 min

Salina Târgu Ocna, situated in Bacău, Romania, is a modern all-inclusive resort and also a turistic point. What is interesting about it is that it is made of… salt!- they prepare and commercialize it.


Here is something about its history: Millions of years ago, between Oligocen and Miocen, there was a lagoon where the first salt crystal cubes were formed. Others appeared and, soon, explorers dug tunnels to take this “white gold”. The salt mine has started to bring income in the XIVth century. At present, salt is being exploited at the X and XI horizonts in the Trotus mine and the tourism activity is being held at the IXth floor.


The characteristics of the underground:

  • temperature: 12-13 grades Celsius
  • how high you will walk from the start point: 136 m
  • height of the room: 8m
  • altitude comparing to the sea level: 138 m

When you arrive there, the first thing you will see is the large parking and some villas where you can stay. Underground, you will visit first the Salt Museum. The exhibits represent salt in all shapes and colors, mine tools and old documents about mining. You can find out information about the history of the mine, ways of exploting salt and its benefits, too.


Then follows the Saint Varvara Church. It is the only church in Europe that is inside the salt mine portion of a mountain. The religious icons, the throne and the wonderful chandelier which enlightens the church are handmade by the miners. Each year, on the 4th of December, a pray is held here.


Next it comes the Florin Piersic event room – you can watch a theatre play, a show, assist a conference or hire it. The photo gallery is also worth seeing, displaying unique photos of the mine.


The resort even offers a huge outside pool, a grill, and you can play several table game or use the karts – these are underground.


The salted lake and the waterfall are amazing and shows breathtaking views, both inside the salt mine. The resort is not only a place where tourist can spend some nights- it is also a health and wealthness one. The salt is very beneficial for one’s health, especially for ones suffering of hearth or respiratory diseases. Salt has been known to be a commodity that people used to kill for, in olden times. In certain countries and at certain times, only rich people would have salt in their houses as it used to be very expensive and brought from far away. During the time of the Roman Empire, the salary of the soldiers was paid in salt ( hence, the word “salary”). Salt is a conservant, it is necessary for the body as it keeps the water inside it and natural salt has in it over 100 other minerals, vital for the functioning of the human body, and which are better assimilated in their natural form ( in salt) than if you swallow thousands of supplement pills. Salt does wonders for the skin, cleaning it of any rash or infection, and curing the wounds faster. Also for the joints, as it can treat rheumatism. To say nothing of the salty air, which treats the asthma and other lung diseases.


And this is only one of the 6 salt mines in Romania, each more beautiful than the other one!

Opening hours

1 October - 30 March, between 07:00-15:00 and 01 April - 30 September, between 07:00-17:00

How to get there

Only by driving, on DN12A