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Saltworks Ston

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This is the place where you can explore the history of salt mining!

Pelješki put 1, 20230 Ston, Croatia

We can’t say that this is a top attraction, but it definitely has a rich history.


This saltwork dates back to the Roman Empire. Even back then people knew that the salty water is going to be useful. Later on in history, when Dubrovnik was a republic, this saltwork was really important for two reasons. It made 1/3 of the income of the Republic of Dubrovnik, and also it was the second town in Europe which was built with a plan. The people of the town thought that it would be good if they put a protective wall around the place, so they did that around the 14th century. They kind of mimicked the Dubrovnik wall. Dubrovnik had a big influence in the forming of this town.


Ston is the living proof of the importance of different spices (in this case, the importance of salt). This place has a long and rich history, it’s here ever since the Roman Empire and it’s still active to this day!


The Saltworks are an interestig tourist attraction. If you’re interested in history and the making of salt, we definitely recommend this place for you because it has both of these things!


It also hosts painting colonies and summer camps! The summer camp is basically a salt mining activity. You can get the gear there at the saltworks, food and beverages are provided (in restaurants). All you have to have is a good mood and some good work ethic!

Opening hours

During the summer: 07:00 do 19:00 During the winter: 07:00 do 14:00