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San José Del Pacífico

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Peyote, temazcales and other experiences that should be in everyone's bucket list

This is the perfect place to try some dishes not only typical of Mexico, but typical to the state of Oaxaca, which is famous for having the best food in the country. A must-try are mole negro and tlayudas.

San José Del Pacífico, located in Sierra Sur and 136 kilometers away from the city of Oaxaca in the San Mateo Río Hondo municipality in San José is a must for everyone travelling the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. San José Del Pacífico is located exactly at the highest point of the sierra.


With a tiny population of only 370 persons, this small village thrives on tourism and almost every resident makes a living from it. San José del Pacífico is located in between the stunning mountains of Oaxaca and is famous for its gorgeous nature.


Famous and mostly visited for peyote, a hallucinogen mushroom typical of Oaxaca than appears to be a cactus at first glance. San José del Pacífico is a place where many head to for a truly unique experience as the peyote is traditionally taken under the instructions of a shaman in the middle of the sierra. Peyote, aside from the psychoactive effects, is known for healing and so, many consider trying the drug a life-changing experience.


Aside from the peyote, another great activity to engage in while in San José del Pacífico is a hike through the mountains or, alternatively, a ride on a 4×4. Also famous in the village are the temazcales, pre-Hispanic swear lodges used to purify the body, to improve heal and heal the ill. A ceremony is held by indigenous people and enganging in one is truly something everyone should do at least once in their lives.


Artisans sell their crafts here, mostly made out of wool that the women knit patiently to create stunning handmade artworks. Also a must for visitors is trying Oaxacan chocolate and organic coffee prepared by locals.