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San Miguel de Allende

Photo credit: jiuguangw / Foter / CC BY-SA
San Miguel de Allende
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The Mexican art mecca

San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

Recently ranked #1 in the “Top 25 Most Beautiful Cities in the World” list by Condé Nast Traveller, San Miguel de Allende is a small village you will not want to miss during your time in Mexico.


The village was name after Ignacio Allende, a native of the town and one of the leaders of the army during the Mexican Independence was. In addition, San Miguel de Allende was the first village to be declared independent and free from Spanish rule.


After the war, it was going in complete decline and about to become a ghost town but soon after, as a way to keep it alive, many art schools opened and they began to attract many foreign painters, writers, poets and the likes, who moved here to study and get inspiration from San Miguel’s intangibly gorgeous surroundings.


Located in Guanajuato, this tiny town encompasses narrow cobblestone streets and alleys, making it a wonderful place to walk and forget about traffic and buses. It is considered an UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its undeniable beauty, its bright colors and impeccably preserved Colonial architecture.


The most famous building in San Miguel is the Parroquia de San Miguel Archangel, Gothic-style pink church that was inspired on Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.


In San Miguel de Allende, you will find all kinds of restaurants, galleries and shops with a vintage feel to them. Walking inside will make you feel as though you have travelled through time.


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How to get there

Direct buses are available from most major cities. As an alternative, get to Guanajuato and take a bus to San Miguel de Allende from there.


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