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Santa Caterina del Sasso

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A beautiful ancient monastery with stunning landscapes

Via Santa Caterina, 13, 21038 Leggiuno VA, Italia

Santa Caterina del Sasso is situated in charming Lombardy, not far from the town Leggiuno in the Province of Varese.


This small and quiet monastery may be truly called a pearl on the shore of the Lake Maggiore. This Roman Catholic convent was built on the rocky ridge right over the turquoise waters back in the 12th century. Here, the first chapel was cut into a rock by the Blessed Alberto, and dedicated to Saint Catherine of Egypt.


If you come here by car, try not to use the elevator, or you will miss the whole magic of soaking up in that unique atmosphere of ancient and beautiful Italy. As you descend through the long winding stairway, you will discover more and more of the lake and the mountains on the opposite side. When you get down, you will not only get stunned by the panorama, but also probably meet Alpini, the Italian elite mountain officers in their traditional hats with the black raven feathers, Cappelo Alpino. Don’t forget to take a picture with them!


Before entering the church you will have to pass through the picturesque gallery. Don’t hurry; take your time to enjoy the views. Blue water and sky and ivory walls make a great combination of colors.

While entering the church, you will immediately hear the mysterious sounds of the Gregorian chants. Observe the frescos of the 19th century, read about the history of the monastery presented on the special boards and enjoy the beauty of such a breath-taking place.

Santa Caterina del Sasso is worth visiting for two things: beautiful Italian architecture and breathtaking views. To enjoy both of them to the full, come during the shiny weather, when there is no fog and you can see even the furthest mountain ranges.


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Santa Caterina del Sasso