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Santiago de Querétaro

Photo credit: ArmandoLJ / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND
Santiago de Querétaro
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A city greatly influence by Spain during Mexico's colonization

Santiago de Querétaro, Querétaro, Mexico

Santiago de Querétaro, recently added to UNESCO’S World Heritage Site list, is the capital of the state of Querétaro and it is located about 200 kilometers southwest of Mexico City.


Even though the overall architecture of the city is quite colonial, Santiago de Querétaro is the host to many modern corporations such as  Dow Chemical, Bose, TRW Automovil, General Electric, Kellog’s, Samsung Electronics and more.


The region of Querétaro is famous for its vineyards and it is the second largest wine producing region in Mexico after Baja California. Two of the most well-known vineyeards are Viñeados de la Redonda and Viñedos Azecas, but there are many others around as well. If you fancy yourself a wine-tasting tour through the best vineyards in the region, then you are in luck – a very popular tour called La Ruta del Quedo y del Vino (“The wine and cheese route”) is offered.


Aside from its wine, Querétaro is famous for its impressive architecture. Don’t miss a stop by Church of San Francisco during your visit, an impressive Baroque-style cathedral in the center of the city.


Other note-worthy attractions are the Plaza de Armas, the oldest part of the city surrounded by cobblestone strees; the Palacio de la Corregidora, a lush palace that houses Queretaro’s government; and Teatro de la Republica,  a theater used predominantly for government ceremonies; Acueducto de Querétaro, often referred to as “Los Arcos” by the city’s inhabitants, is a monumental set of seventy four arches that measure 28.5 meters (93 feet) in height and 1,289 meters (4,229 feet) in length.


Museums abound as well, so don’t miss the chance to visit them. Museo de la Ciudad (City Museum), dedicated to contemporary art and hosts exhibitions displaying drawings, sculptures, photographs, paintings as well as dance and music recitals; Museo de Arte (Museum of Art), with its impressive Baroque-style architecture, contains one of the most important collections of Colonial art.


All in all, Querétaro has everything one could ask for if you’re looking for a city greatly influenced by Spain. You will not regret a day, or even weekend trip to this fantastic place.


How to get there

Buses to Santiago de Querétaro leave from Mexico City every few minutes from Terminal Norte and Observatorio. The destination usually only says "Querétaro".