Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina ,Bosnia and Herzegovina Length in KM Effort Cost Written by: edin

Summary: Capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina

More info: Sarajevo is a Capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Place where even strangers can feel at home. Place where traditional and modern interwined. Bascarsija (Old Town) is a heart of the city. Few places on earth feature an Orthodox and a Catholic church, a mosque and a synagogue within easy walking distance of each other. If there were any city in Europe that effortlessly straddles east and west, it is Sarajevo. Sarajevo is a Olympic city. Winter olympic games happened here.
People are very friendly. Food is excellent. If you decide to come in Sarajevo, you must try Cevapcici and Pita, a traditional Bosnian specialty.
The Bridges in Sarajevo have been built for ages, even before there is real written data about this city. Try not ta miss Latin Bridge and Goats Bridge. Sarajevo bridges are a wonderful addition to the panorama view on the Miljacka river.
Visit Skakavac, vaterfall near Sarajevo, second highest in Europe (98m). If you want to enjoy Bosnian coffe and enjoy city panorama, visit Zmajevac.
Enjoy Sarajevo, Enjoy Bosnia. See you!!!

Address: Baščaršija, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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