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Photo credit: Kačka a Ondra / Foter / CC BY
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A German party town on Mallorca for all ages

S'Arenal, Mallorca, Islas Baleares, Spain
A nice restaurant is the XII Apostel restaurant, which also has branches in Köln and Hannover (both in Germany). Recommendable is the Sunday brunch.

At Mallorca’s south coast lies the by mass tourism affected holiday resort and urbanization S’Arenal. Actually the southeastern tip of the Bahia de Palma bay consists of many smaller towns and S’Arenal is only one of them (other towns are Ses Cadenes and Can Pastilla). However, among tourists and locals alike, the whole area is commonly known as S’Arenal or El Arenal. One part of this tourist zone belongs to the municipality of Palma and the other part to the municipality of Llucmajor, divided by the Torrent des Jueus. For the tourists there is no noticeable difference between these two parts, as construction is continuous with the only difference that buildings in the Llucmajor municipality are higher than the ones in Palma.


S’Arenal used to be a small fishermen village at the mediterranean coast. The first buildings were constructed in 1950, since then S’Arenal is under continuous change and mainly shaped by mass tourism. Most hotels result from the construction period between 1960 and 1968. Since then , tourism has become the main economic pillar of the region. The destination is well known beyond the island by German tourists and is by far the preferred destination my many. The so called Balneario 6 (beach sector 6) was the first meeting point for German tourists in S’Arenal. They even formed a German fantasy word for ‘Balneario’, calling it ‘Ballermann’.


Well known as being a party mecca where the booze is always flowing, S’Arenal is visited by a younger crowd as well as by elder generations. Basically, there is no age limitations, only the party locations might be different ones depending on the age. And of course, over here everybody loves German Schlager music. Located around Balneario 5 and 6, directly at the beach, are the party temples Megapark and Oberbayern. A bit further into town is the biggest beer garden of the world, the Bierkönig. Many other bars, clubs and restaurants are located along the oceanfront until one or two blocks into town. Especially during summer month this destination will be crowded during day and night. It is famous for young tourists drinking sangria out of buckets, but at the same time it has some well known restaurants serving high class food.


Apart from partying, S’Arenal is also a well loved family destination. Parents with their small children can visit the Palma Aquarium and discover an amazing underwater world or go water sliding in the water and fun park Aqualand. Furthermore, S’Arenal is loved by tourists for its convenient location as it is close to the capital Palma de Mallorca. Moreover, if you are tired of the tourist trouble, you will find many smaller and quieter bays for swimming and relaxation closeby towards Llucmajor.

How to get there

Many buses from Palma which have a 5 as their first number also stop in S'Arenal, for example the line L500 and L501. By car, take the Ma-19 until s'Arenal.