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The Sava River

By Jeff Attaway (Flickr: sava view) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
The Sava River
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On the river Sava, you can find both fun and relaxation.

You should visit some of those nightlife floats if you don't mind listening to extremely loud Serbian urban music.

The Sava river is 944 km long, starting from Slovenia (it flows through 4 countries – Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia) and emptying into the river Danube in Serbia’s capital, Belgrade. Its flow in Serbia is 206 km long.


In Belgrade, Sava forms an island called Ada Ciganlija connected to the right bank by a pair of artificial embankment dams which form Lake Sava.


Along Sava’s coast in Belgrade (and also along the Danube’s coast), there are nightlife floats for clubbing, famously known as ‘splavovi’ or ‘splavs’.


The river Sava is navigable through its whole length in Serbia – both for large vessels and fishing boats. Its waters are calm but flooding since it accepts some huge unpredictable waters along the way, like the river Drina, which is the Sava’s biggest tributary.