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Sea Life London Aquarium

Photo credit: dgoomany / Photo / CC BY-SA
Sea Life London Aquarium
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London's biggest aquarium with many activities including snorkeling with sharks

Adult (16+): £26.50 / Online: £23.85
Child (3 - 15 Years): £19.95 / Online: £17.96
Child (Under 3): Free

Located on the South Bank of the Thames River, next to one of London’s most famous landmarks, the London Eye, this aquarium is the perfect go-to place for families with small children and adults alike.


Opened less than a decade ago, in March 1997, Sea Life London Aquarium is the largest aquarium in London and it contains of the largest marine life collections in the whole European continent. The aquarium contains over 500 species from all around the world, more than 40 sharks, penguins and fourteen themed zone spread over three floors.


In 2008, many new attractions were added included an underwater tunnel; a Shark Walk, which lets you walk through a glass walkway while being surrounded by 16 sharks; an Ocean Tank and in 2011, a penguin exhibit called Penguins: Ice Adventure was added with 10 Gentoo Penguins, native to Antarctica.


Currently, the aquarium is home to sharks, rays, lobsters, jellyfish, piranhas, Gentoo penguins, clownfish, crocodiles, green sea turtles, seahorses, octopus and corals.


The aquarium is invested in helping conserve the species it holds agains global warming, man made threats, etc through breeding, rescuing of seals, re-homing animals and creating big campaigns. Volunteering is available for those interested in supporting marine life.


A popular attraction only for the very brave is snorkeling with sharks, a fifteen minute experience which will allow you to swim among fifteen sharks including San Tiger Sharks, Black Tip Reef Sharks and Brown Sharks. No diving experience is needed and a maximum of four people can snorkel at the same time. Snorkeling trips are available daily at 11:30, 13:00 and 15:30. The cost of this adventure is £125 for an adult ticket and £450 for a family of four.


Another favourite among visitors is feeding the animals. These are the schedules for each creature’s feeding times. Each feed includes a talk and an introduction to the animals lives and their diet.


11:00 – Octopus feed
11:00 – Ray feed
15:00 – Penguin feed
15:30 – Coral Reef feed
16:00 – Seahorse feed
16:30 – Terrapin feed


Daily except Wednesdays
12:00 – Penguin feed


Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
12:30 – Rainforest feed (Piranhas, catfish and more)


Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays
14:30 – Shark feed

Opening hours

10:00 - 19:00
Last entry: 18:00