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Semetes Lake

Semetesko jezero11". Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons Wikimedia
Semetes Lake
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  • 3 hours

A gorgeous lake with several islands floating around it

Village Semeteš, 36350 Raška

Semetes Lake is the largest lake  on the west side of Kopaonik with a diameters of 60 meters, and it is located under the Cukara Hill in the village of Semetes, 200 meters from Kopaonik National Park.  Geologists say that this lake, millions of years ago was formed by glaciers.


The water in the lake is supplied from underwater sources, and a smaller portion from two sources above the lake. Many divers have tried to dive in the lake but have not been able to go deeper than 15 meters because of the strong water currents.


Floating islands were formed on the lake covered by plants and trees and these island move around the lake due to strong winds.


Activities for visitors include sailing, fishing and salamander spotting.

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