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Seneca AntiCafe

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Seneca Anticafe is a place where you pay for the time you spend here, not what you consume

Str. Arhitect Ion Mincu 1, Bucharest, Romania
You can bring whatever food you want with you, and heat it in the microwaves or keep it in the fridge. There is a MegaImage, a market and other shops nearby.
After the 5th hour, you don't pay anymore.
In 2011, a Russian, Ivan Mitin, created the concept of “anti-cafe”, a place where you pay for the time you spend in the cafe, not what you order: “You pay for the services. Nobody serves, you serve yourself. You pay for the existence of this space.” There are over 10 cafes like this in the world: in Russia (Moscova, Saint Petersburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Ukraine (Kiev), Great Britain (London), Slovenia (Ljubljana), Germany, France and Italy.

Lately, the concept reached Bucharest, the capital of Romania. The anti-cafe is called Seneca. You only pay for the time you spend there. You can go alone to work or relax, or with your friends to talk and have fun. At the entrance, someone from the staff shows you around and then you pick a card with a character on it, for example Marie Curie or Cicero, and a quote by that person. When you leave, you return the card and they will know how much to charge you.


For 8 ron per hour, you can use the Wi-Fi, scanner, projector, board games (around 50), a big screen, even an event room if you need, desks, sofas, a bookcase full of Romanian or English books, magazines, snacks, fruit, coffee, lemonade, all sorts of tea and you even have a fully-equipped kitchen to heat your food and make tea. Oh, and smoke or alcoholic drinks are not allowed.


You can come with your friends to play board games or alone, to work. The music is quiet and you won’t be disturbed. “We put accent on the work done here, not on what you consume.”, they say. If you want to move your work desk here for a day, after 5 hours, you don’t pay anymore, time stops, it is free. You can read books you don’t find in shops or libraries and copy the pages you like. You can discuss secret plans with your friends or do here some work that you want to keep secret from others. The price is 8 ron, but you are the one that gives time value! You can learn new things here as the books were carefully selected. Nobody will disturb you or ask you anything, like they do in a library.


In the future, many events or workshops will take place here.


The main attraction of the place is not the thing that you can come and drink as much tea you can, for free… I mean, of course you can, but the highlight is that you can produce something here. For example, a father came here with his two sons and told them: “This is where you wait for me after school.”. Also there is a therapist who holds his sessions here, or a Portuguese who does tutoring. The clients are very diverse: teenagers, adults, freelancers, even kids. Young, talented, creative people who wish to bring their dreams to reality can bring their projects here and they will be supported.

Opening hours

From Tuesday to Sunday, between 10:00-22:00.