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Shipka Church

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Shipka Church

Center Street Village Shipka, Bulgaria
Local jam is a must

Shipka Church is a Christian Orthodox Monastery in the town of Shipka, Kazhanlak Region. Shipka is a small town located in central Bulgaria close to the cities of Gabrovo and Kazhanlak. In order to get to the town you must pass the Shipka passage road. The church is built in honor of the Russian and Bulgarian soldiers who fought in the Russian-Turkish war that released Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire slavery. This war is the most important moment in the Bulgarian history and the locals had been always thankful to the Russians who helped in the fight for independence. The church was built with the donations from Russian citizens and land provided by the locals. The church is spectacular mainly because of the gold cubes of the church.

Inside of the church there are 34 memorial stones and 17 sarcophagus with the leftovers of the soldiers. Moreover there are more than 18 000 names of soldiers that are written on the walls of the church. Shipka Church is fairly unknown for international tourists because of the fact that is situated inside the forest and if you do not pay attention to the side of the road, you will not see the golden cubes. Only in few kilometers up the road you can see the most famous Bulgarian monument – Shipka. Inside the church you can also see drawings of the creators of the Bulgarian alphabet – Kiril and Metodi.

The whole complex includes church, monarch complex and seminary. The construction of the Church started in 1885 and was finished in 1902, under the guidance of Russian architects. Originally the church used to be Russian government property, but later on in 1934 it became Bulgarian. The Russian communist government gave the church as a gift to the Bulgarian communist government. In 1970 the Bulgarian government turned the place into a monnument of the culture. The huge belfry of the church is 53 meters tall with 17 different bells. For every Bulgarian, Shipka is the most important historic monument in the country and this church is just an addition to the amazing and heroic history of this area.

If you want to go to Shipka Church you should either visit Gabrovo or Kazhanlak. If you are coming from Gabrovo than the church will be on your left side of the road. If you are coming from Kazhanlak then the church will be on your right side of the road. There is no either place in Bulgaria that offers more historical value than the Shipka region. Every Bulgarian will appreciate your interest in Shipka monument and Shipka church. Go and visit the church if you want to see the spectacular Christian-Orthodox architecture of churches.

How to get there

Shipka passage is the road that leads to the church. Coming from Gabrovo the church is on the left, while coming from Kazanlak the church is from the right side of the road.