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Sian Ka’an

Photo credit: Seyemon / Foter / CC BY-ND
Sian Ka’an
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Where the sky was born

Sian Ka’an is a biosphere reserve located near Tulum, on the east coast of the Yucatán Peninsula. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1987. The reserve covers an area of 5,280 km2, part of which is on land while another part is in the Caribbean Sea. Sian Ka’an is home to 23 Mayan archaeological sites, tropical forests, 120 kilometers of coastline, lagoons, cenotes (which are unique to the area, a never-ending list of flora and fauna and even a barrier reef.


In Mayan, Sian Ka’an means “Where the sky is born”. It was named this way by its Mayan inhabitants thousands of years ago due to the exceptional beauty of the place.



The species that call Sian Ka’an their home are varied. From fierce felines such as Pumas, Jaguars and Ocelots to West Indian Manatees, marine turtles, iguanas, and migratory birds.



Muyil or Chunyaxché, is one of the twenty three archaeological sites found inside Sian Ka’an. It was one of the earliest sites inhabited by the Mayas. Artifacts found here date back to 350 BC and some to 1500 AD, making it one of the longest sites to be inhabited in the Yucatán Peninsula.



You can spend weeks in Sian Ka’an and not get bored. The reserve offers the best an outdoor lover could ask for. You can engage in ruin hopping, bird watching, sport fishing, hiking, snorkeling, swimming in lagoons, too name a few.


The best way to enjoy Sian Ka’an is by booking a tour. This is also a great way to help out the community as this is the main source of income for Sian Ka’an native inhabitants, just make sure the tour you book is owned by them. Click here to get more information and book your trip.