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Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park

Photo credit: rjime31
Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park
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A gorgeous natural park with impressive caves and shafts

Sierra de las Nieves (Sierra of the Snow) is a mountain range in Andalusia in the Málaga Providence. Its name comes from the snow that covers the peaks during the winter time. The highest point of the sierra is La Torrecilla (1919 meters). Sierra de las Nieves has been a protected area since 1989. It is located behind Marbella and to the east of the road from Ronda to Marbella.


In the park, impressive caves are found, among them are the Hoyos de Pilar, Hoyos de Lifa and Cuevas del Moro. The park is also known for its shafts, in fact, it contains one of the deepest in Europe.


Some of the flora found in the park is endemic, for instance, the Gall Oak.