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Sijarinska Banja
Gagarinone / Foter / CC BY"> Sijarinska Banja
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Popular tourist town and spa

Kralja Milana 16, 16246 Sijarinska Banja

Sijarinska Banja (Spa) is located in the municipality of Medvedja, southern Serbia; 52 km away from the town of Leskovac.
The spa has 26 mineral springs and 18 of them has curative powers. The waters of the spa vary in its chemical features as well as temperature, which ranges from 32 to 72° C.
Special attractions of the spa are the hot water geysers, which erupt water 8 m high.
The mineral waters are used in the treatment of skin and stomach diseases, kidney disease, diabetes etc.
Treatments are performed in the Gejzer Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital. The medical block has the latest equipment for hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, kinesiotherapy, inhalation and warm medicinal water therapy.
Guests can use an indoor swimming pool and sports grounds. In the vicinity of Sijarinska Banja there are the remains of Iustiniana Prima, a town dating from the early Byzantine period.

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How to get there

By Highway Belgrade-Nis-Leskovac, exit Leskovac and by road to Lebane-Medvedja-Sijarinska Banja