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Skilift Albstadt-Tailfingen

Photo credit: bryan_estabrooks / Foter / CC BY-SA
Skilift Albstadt-Tailfingen
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Ski lifts particularly for families and children

WSV Tailfingen e.V. Melbernsteigstraße 43 72461 Albstadt - Tailfingen

The ski lifts Albstadt-Tailfingen are a well-known family area and known to be particularly suitable for beginners and children. This ski area has also a fun park where advanced skiers and snowboarders can enjoy themselves. Skilift Albstadt-Tailfingen is a nationally known ski lift that has 500m long downhill slopes. The 850m long slop is best for beginners and families while for the advanced and intermediate skiers there is a wide, 500m long, moderate downhill slopes. 43 floodlights illuminate the entire mountain and allow tourists to ski in the evening hours.