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Skilift Mehliskopf

Photo credit: BlueLight1990 / Foter / CC BY-ND
Skilift Mehliskopf
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Ski lifts for families

Freizeit- und Sport-Zentrum Mehliskopf 77815 Bühl - Sand

About 900 meters downhill, slopes invite families and individuals to unclouded skiing at 1,000 m high Mehliskopf. The ski area is located on the Black Forest Highway between the sand and Hundseck that bring the kids and parents quickly to the starting point of the runs. In addition to the natural snow, there is a powerful snowmaking system that guarantees the availability of snow all winter. The winter operation starts when the temperature is cold enough for snowmaking or a corresponding natural snow covers. The beginning of the winter season is usually between November/December, the end of March/April. Ski lessons and classes are also offered by the ski school Mehliskopf.

Opening hours

9:00 - 22:00