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Skradinski Buk

Photo credit: dmytrok via / CC BY-ND
Skradinski Buk
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Natural Pool With High Waterfalls And Cascades

Lozovac, Croatia

This waterfall is known as the longest waterfall on the Krka river, and also as the most beautiful one. They even received an award for its beauty (Golden Flower of Europe), and honestly, we can’t say we’re surprised. The water and the nature around it is so pure and peaceful, so relaxing.


If you like snapping photos of your journey or take a selfie or two in front of some beautiful places, you’ll love this one! It’s so photogenic, so mesmerizing!

Walking through the area, you’ll be able to let go of all your problems and anxious thoughts, it’s really a place of peace and love.


There are a couple of places you can stay at if you’d like to visit the park more than once, or if you’d like to check out some other sights nearby. There are also a couple of restaurants, so you don’t have to worry about cooking or packing snacks. The prices aren’t too high, so you won’t have to think about overspending.

Opening hours

During daylight

How to get there

Highway Zagreb- Split, exit Rijeka and continue by road D33 Šibenik - Tromilja - Lozovac