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Slovenian Museum of Natural History, Ljubljana
Slovenian Museum of Natural History, Ljubljana
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See the skeleton of a real mammoth and explore the rich natural history of Slovenia.

Slovenian Museum of Natural History
Prešernova 20
1000 Ljubljana
The museum shop is full of great presents for kids, among them many different “make your own” kits and toys that encourage creative thinking.
Adults: 6.00 EUR
Seniors, Students and Children: 4.00 EUR
Family tickets: 12.00 EUR

Discover the natural history through the collections in Slovenian Museum of Natural History which contain Slovenian, European and world objects. Learn about different techniques of collecting samples and preparing them, and take time for audio guided tour.

Many activities for kids are available at the Slovenian Museum of Natural History. Those activities are designed in a way to combine education with fun.

Permanent exhibitions:
• Geological-paleontological collection with many fossils found in Slovenia, which represent different geological eras. The most famous is the skeleton of mammoth from Nevalje. Other skeletons can be found there as well, like a bear’s and whale’s.
• Sigmund Zois’ mineral collection with around 5,000 minerals represents one of the most beautiful mineral collections. The true star is a mineral zosite which was discovered by and named after Sigmund Zois.
• Hohenwart`s collection of mollusc shells from 1831 includes more than 5,000 specimens. Most of the collection pieces are from Indo-Pacific.
• The insect collection of Ferdinand J. Schmidt is composed mainly from the pictures of various insects, mostly butterflies and beetles. The special piece of this collection is the »narrow-necked« cave beetle, which was the first cave insect ever described.
Slovenian dioramas represent mountains, marshes, woods and marine animals, divided into different categories of animals by their natural habitat. The most interesting species include animals such as a bear, wolf and jackal.

Opening hours

From Monday to Sunday: 10:00 – 18:00.
Thursday: 10:00 – 21:00.
Closed on January 1st, May 1st, November 1st and December 25th.

How to get there

By foot: Museum is located very close to the City Park Tivoli and to SNG Ljubljana. Take a short walk from the Prešernov square on Wolfova street, then turn on Šubičeva street and continue to the Prešernova street. You will see the museum on your right.