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Šmarna gora

Šmarna gora
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Šmarna gora is the favorite hiking destination close to Ljubljana.

Šmarna Gora, 1211 Ljubljana - Šmartno
At the top Šmarna Gora there is a traditional Slovenian inn „Gostilna Ledinek„, where you can enjoy the view with the traditional ričet (Slovenian thick soup), the famous and very beloved Carniolan sausage and other customary Slovenian dishes. If you are looking just to relax on the sun, a cup of warm tee may be just the perfect thing for you. The one thing that is a must and that everyone find it very enjoyable are the sweet little donuts, called "miške"- mouses. It will be just the right thing to do after hiking to the top.
Šmarna gora is good to visit every time of the year.

Only half an hour ride with a car or a bus from the vibrant city center of Ljubljana, you can find the highest hill in the capital of Slovenia – Šmarna gora (669 meters).

This hill is one of the favorite hiking destinations of the people of Ljubljana. You can escape the traffic and the noises just like that, and spend an afternoon or the whole day reconnecting with the nature.

There are several starting points on the foot of the hill and also several trails that you can choose for hiking. Whatever you choose you will not make a mistake: intertwining, they are all passing through the forest of green trees (or specter of many different colors that autumn is offering this time of the year) and even without noticing they will lead you to the top in about 45 to 1 hour and 30 minutes, depending from the trail.  

From the top you will be able to enjoy the extraordinary panoramic view on Ljubljana. Before taking your camera out to make some cool photos, take a few minutes to take a deep breath on the fresh air and allow the sun to make its magic by warming you up.

After the hike you can relax on the super comfortable deckchairs that are positioned so that you can enjoy the view, making the best out of it. You can also have a traditional lunch in the inn, or simply have some warm tee outside on the benches.

You can also visit the church with the bell tower with the 4 bells, which ringing is still done manually. For this hike you will need less than an afternoon, but why not make a day out of it and spend the whole day up there reading a book, or maybe playing some games with your friends?

It will be a time well spent, which you will not regret!

How to get there

Šmarna gora is easily accessible by public transport, since it's only 13 km away from the city center of Ljubljana. The bus number 8, that you can catch in the city center, will take you directly to the foot of the hill, where you can choose between different start points for hiking to the top.

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