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Soca River

Soca River
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Breathtaking crystal clear emerald river in Slovenia!

Soča River, Slovenia
Beware, the water is freezing! Fortunately, the rafting company will provide wetsuits to make it toleratable.
30-37 EUR per person

Soča River in Slovenia is one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. It is a 140 km long river starting from the heart of the Julian Alps (near the border with Italy) flowing down through the Western part of the country. It runs through Slovenian towns such as Bovec, Nova Gorica, Kobarid, Tolmin and Gorizia and completes its journey at the Adriatic Sea.


Many people refer to Soča as the Emerald River. This is because the water has an impossibly beautiful emerald green turquoise color and is crystal clear. Besides its alluring color, many people are drawn to Soča because of its beautiful scenery. The river is in between a valley surrounded by a ring of breathtaking mountains. Even during the summer, you will always see some snow on the peaks of the mountains.


The river attracts locals and visitors to the water with activities such as rafting and kayaking. Rafting is a popular activity for families since it is exciting yet safe and does not require any special skills. As the river is pretty calm in most areas, it is known to be the best place for both beginners and experienced rafters. Recreational swimming is not too common as the water is extremely cold without a wetsuit.


Worth mentioning is that in 2008 the Soča Valley became the first destination in Slovenia to be awarded by the European Commission as a European Destination of Excellence. Soča River will surely excite you and your family!

How to get there

For additional 25EUR/person they provide transfer to the Soca River area (1,5hours of driving one way from Bled).