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Sofia Zoo

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A big zoo with various animal species

ул. "Сребърна" 1, кв. „Хладилника”

The zoo in Sofia is a place where you can see various species – from tarantulas and penguins, to tigers. You will always find something intriguing here and a good way to spend your time. It is the oldest and the biggest zoo on the Balkan Peninsula. It is also included in the 100 National Tourist Sites of the Bulgarian tourist union and it is a deserved recognition.


The Sofia Zoo was built in 1888 in the center of the city and then relocated in 1982 to its present place. It is divided in the following sectors – Herbivores, Primates, Predators, Birds, Aquarium and Terrarium. There are 84 animals from 20 species in the ‘Herbivores’ sector, including hippos, elephants, zebras, wild boards, deer and more.


The Predators sector is divided into 3 subsectors: ‘Bears’, ‘Big cats’ and ‘Small predators’.  Although it is forbidden to feed the animals, many people throw biscuits, crackers, bread and others to the bears and they love to catch them in the air. There is a pool for the bears and sometimes the food falls there, but usually bears are not afraid at all to swim to the food and eat it.


The big cats here are separated into a large hall in which you should enter. It is very interesting to watch the big cats, especially when they eat. There are signs in the hall, saying ‘Big cats love you… for breakfast!’, reminding you not to try to approach the cages behind the fences.


If you like birds, you will be interested to know that there are more than 550 birds from 60 species here, again – local and foreign kinds. There is a lake near the central entrance of the zoo and there you can see swans, geese, ducks and pink pelicans during the whole year.


When you visit the hall with the big cats, you may proceed to the Terrarium, where snakes live. There is very interesting information on each terrarium for the snake that lives there, so you will be able to learn a lot about these animals. Children are usually very interested to see the snakes, the tortoises, the crocodiles, the chameleons and the species here, so, if you are making a family visit to the zoo, do not miss this sector.


The Aquarium here also offers an interesting experience with the numerous types of fish here. You will find fish of various sizes and colors in the aquariums. And if it is a hot day outside, watching the aquarium inhabitants inside is a good way to cool off.


Because most of the cages and the species are outdoors, you need to have an umbrella, sun hat or warm jacket, according to the season. You should prefer a day when the temperature will be suitable for you and will make you feel comfortable. Do not forget your camera!

Opening hours

9:30 - 18:30

How to get there

There are two entrances - a central and a western one and you can reach them with buses № 102, 120, 88, 83 and 67.

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Sofia Zoo