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Soko Grad

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Soko Grad
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The interesting medieval city and fortress

18230 Sokobanja
Restaurant Marko Polo is located on the way to the Sokograd. Here can be tasted fish specialties

Soko Grad is a medieval fortified town, also known as Sokolac. It is located 2 km eastern of the town Sokobanja, on the vertical cliff above the Moravica river.
According to the archaeological research, the fortress was built on the foundations of some older, probably Roman fortification. It is assumed that the old fortification was built during the reign of the Roman Emperor Justinian. It served for defense against the Avars and Slavs, who constantly invaded Byzantine territories.
Soko grad fortress is mentioned in documents during the reign of Serbian ruler Stefan Nemanja. During 12th century it was renovated and became a part of the medieval Serbia.
The town was devastated in 1412. by the Turks.
Only the first entry tower in the upper town is in good condition and preserved. The remaining walls and towers are in ruins. In the upper town – the citadel, it was discovered well-preserved water tank.

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Highway Belgrade-Nis, exit Aleksinac and by road to Sokobanja