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Son Real

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A secret big farm in the Alcudia bay with a museum, hiking paths and access to the beach

Son Real, MA-12 Can Picafort-Artà, km 17.7, Islas Baleares, Spain
Walking around the trails and parking is for free. The museum charges an entrance fee of 5 €.

The 400 hectare big farm Son Real with an ethnological museum, easy hikes through fields and forests and a fantastic beach is still a well kept secret on Majorca. It is situated in the north, in the middle of the Alcudia bay. The once privately owned finca was acquired by the Balearic government in 2002 and was hence opened to the public. The museum about Majorca’s rural life before mass tourism hit the island was inaugurated in 2008. The old farm house buildings on the estate date back to the 15th century. Four well signed hiking paths with educational character lead through the spacious area. The property ends at the necropolis which is situated right at the beach.


The museum is situated inside the old farmhouse and the stables. You will find yourself in an interesting museum about Majorca’s farming and rural history. Exhibits in the museum include farming tools, antique traditional gown and musical instruments. You will learn about the work of the charburner, the shepherds, loggers and stone pit workers as well as about the smugglers. Entering the cozy farm kitchen and the pantry with real food make you water your mouth.


For outdoor-lovers, the four walking trails are an interesting alternative to the many hikes through the Tramuntana mountains. The paths are flat without any altitude difference, but lead through a charming rural and woody countryside. Ample fields, bushes and Aleppo pines line up along your way. The landscape at Son Real shows a high variation in biodiversity with a diverse flora and fauna. On your way you will find many signs pointing out the most important animals and trees you can see during your stay at Son Real.


A 15 minute walk leads you to the ‘Talaiot des Fugueral’, a construction dating back to the Talaiotic epoc on Majorca. If you are heading in the direction to the coast, a half an hour walk will guide you through pines, oleaster and rich underwood. You will finally reach the refuge from Son Real – which can even be rented for a night – facing the sand beach and the ocean. The longest walk takes you from Son Real to the urbanization Son Bauló near Can Picafort. You will walk through deep forest, pass huge fields, come across nice viewpoints and finally reach the beach at the headland ‘Punta des Fenicis’. From there the walk goes on along the shore until reaching your destination. A 40-minute hike will bring you to the necropolis situated in the headland ‘Punta des Fenicis’.


The necropolis is without doubt the most important and majestic archeological site in this region. It is a well preserved graveyard from the Talaiotic culture. The 800 square kilometer comprising necropolis dates back to the 7th to 4th century BC and the 109 conserved graves resemble the boat and horseshoe-formed navetas (houses) from the Talaiotic era. You are allowed to walk freely over and between the graves, which makes it an interesting site. Now all the graves are empty and you can walk into them and the quietness and majesty of the place gives you a wow-feeling. The death were buried in fetus position and weapons, jewellery and everyday objects were added as burial objects. These can be visited in the ‘Monographic Museum of Pol·lèntia’ in Alcudia.

Opening hours

April - September: 10:00 - 19:00
October - March: 10:00 - 17:00

How to get there

Drive on the MA-12 between Can Picafort and Artà, you will reach the estate at kilometer 17.7.

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