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Special Nature Reserve Uvac

Photo credit: BojanaZigic / Foter / CC BY
Special Nature Reserve Uvac
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Unique habitat of griffon vulture

31320 Nova Varos

Uvac is a Special Nature Reserve of the first category located in the southwestern part of Serbia. It covers an area of 7,453 hectares and occupies parts of the territory of the municipality of Nova Varos and Sjenica.
The Reserve is situated between two mountains – Zlatar in the southwest and Javor in the northeast. The relief is dominated by karst formations that are presented by numerous sinkholes, coves, caves and caverns. The most famous of them is Usak Cave System, with 6185 meters long channels.
The major morphological highlight of the reserve is the Uvac River canyon valley with the valleys of its tributaries. The most beautiful part of the reserve are curving meanders of the river Uvac.
Special Nature Reserve Uvac is the habitat of 104 bird species. The most important of all is griffon vulture, one of the two vulture species that are still nesting in Serbia. At the same time they are the greatest attraction in the reserve. Also, there are some other rare and endangered flora and fauna species.

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By Ibar Highway Belgrade-Valjevo-Uzice exit Uzice and by road to Cajetina, Nova Varos