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Špilja Vindija
Špilja Vindija
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Explore the home of the numerous Neanderthals who lived here 30,000 years ago.

42245, Rijeka Voćanska

This specific cave is around 20 km from Varaždin and it’s closely tied to the Neanderthals. Scientists estimate that this group lived in Vindija cave approximately 40.000 years ago.


Can you imagine these hominid specimens living in this cave? If you can’t, visit Vindija! You’ll be able to move through it and use your imagination to depict how they ate, slept, played. You’ll be able to imagine how they used the rooms of the cave, how they shared their space with each other.


This is a rare possibility, so please, don’t be shy! Make sure to visit this place as soon as possible. After all, this cave is a huge part of the history of humankind. Also, it’s really pretty which is a plus!

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