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St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral

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An impressive cathedral in the center of Sofia

St. Alexander Nevski is the cathedral temple of the Bulgarian Patriarch and one of the most famous and beautiful buildings in Sofia. The square around the temple carries the same name and many cultural events and celebrations have taken place here.


In 1955 ‘St. Alexander Nevski’ Cathedral was declared to be a cultural monument with national significance.


The most impressive thing in the appearance of the cathedral are its golden domes. The golden layer takes an area of 700 m2 but it is too thin which makes it necessary to be renovated after a specific period of time. The last restoration was made in 2001. The beautiful solid wooden doors of the temple were made in Vienna and have impressive carvings.


When you enter the cathedral, you will see the beautiful decorations, made of onyx, alabaster and colored Brazilian, Moroccan, German and Italian marbles.


The floor of the cathedral is covered with colored Italian mosaic marbles.


The luminaires are in a neoampir style. The impressive central chandelier weighs 2500 kg. It is located 27 meters above the floor and is decorated with pendants in the form glass tears, which are made of Jena glass.


In the central altar you will see a magnificent baldachin with four main columns. The bishop’s throne, the king’s throne and pulpit are also made of precious marble with fine incrustations.


St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral has an impressive sight both from the inside and from the outside. You will see fine artworks from various parts of the world and will stay impressed from the beauty of this temple and the atmosphere inside. The cathedral has a great cultural and spiritual significance for the Bulgarians and gathers a lot of people on the big Christian holidays.


If you love taking photos, this is one of the most beautiful buildings to shoot in Sofia, especially on sunset time. when the golden roof shines.

Opening hours

7:00 - 17:30

How to get there

You can use the subway and get off at 'Sofia University 'St. Kliment Ohridski' station.