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St. Bartholomew’s Church (The Skull Chapel)

Photo credit: Merlin
St. Bartholomew’s Church (The Skull Chapel)
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A church decorated by human skulls

Tadeusza Kościuszki, 57-350 Czermna, Poland

St. Barhtolomew’s Church is located in Czermna, one of the oldest villages in the Klodzko County in Poland. Often dubbed “the Skull Chapel”, this innocent-from-the-outside-looking chapel holds macabre secrets on its inside. The church is one of the most disturbing attractions in Europe along with similarly creepy locations such as the Sedlec Ossuary in Czech Republic.



Built in 1776 by the Czech priest Wacław Tomaszek, this chapel acts as the grave for those who perished during the Thirty Year’s War, the Silesian Wars as well as those who died as a result of cholera, the plague, syphilis and hunger.


And why exactly is it called the the Skull Chapel?

Between the years 1776 and 1794, father Tomaszek, J. Schmidt and J. Langer, a grave digger collected the bones and put them in the chapel to decorate its walls. Today, the chapel is filled with three thousand skulls and its basement holds the bones of about twenty thousand people. Creepy, right? There is an altar on the center of the chapel where the skulls of the people who built the chapel as well as father Tomaszek’s skull itself were places in 1804.

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