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St. George Cathedral

St. George Cathedral
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Beautiful small church on the hill of Piran

Cerkev Piran Slovenia
Ulica IX. korpusa 25
6330 Piran

Piran is interesting due to a number of small churches. Well, St. George cathedral is the biggest and most majestic one. Some say it was built in the 12th century. It lies on at the peak of a small hill so it offers plenty of amazing view on the city, the Sea and Slovenian coast. You can even see Croatian coast and the Italian Alps from up there. Inside of the cathedral is very modest, not very common for churches in Slovenia, but is amazingly beautiful. It is dedicated to George, patron saint of Piran.


Graceful St. George cathedral got its image in 1637 after the baroque renovation, but the first church stood here many years before that. Original documents show this church was changing quite a bit over time, as some parts were added, some were renovated and some rebuilt. Today`s scheme of the cathedral is from the 14th century.

Inside of St. George Cathedral is an unusual mixture of prestige interior, superb paintings, and mysterious lightening. Seven marble altars and two artworks, depicting St. George is the most worth seeing. Paintings were done by Venecia painting school and by Angelo De Coster.

The Tower Bell, which stands on its own is a replica of St. Mark`s Campanile in Venice. As the original tower demolished, a replica from Piran is now actually older than the original. Bell Tower is open for visitors and it is a must-visit attraction, as it offers amazing views over the city, the sea and on a clear day even to Triglav.

On the top of the Tower Bell is a small statue of Archangel Michael which is the best weather forecaster in Piran. When he is looking towards Piran or Trieste the weather will be beautiful, if he is looking towards Savudrija, rain will spoil your day; but be afraid if he is looking towards Venice as the terrible wind is coming your way.

Another interesting construction is the baptistery of St. George cathedral, an octagon shaped building from 1650. Still, some original furniture from the 17th century can be seen in it. Rome sarcophagus from the 2nd century was transformed into a baptismal font. Church museum with treasure room of St. George, archaeological cave and lapidaries can be seen here. Reliquary of St. George is also located in here.

St. George Cathedral is no doubt one of the most visited and admired attractions in Piran. Bell Tower, interior and back yard are fully accessible to visitors. Be sure not to miss out on this viewing point which offers nice views over the Bay of Trieste and Slovenian Istra. St. George cathedral is a perfect spot for photographers and it is often used as a wedding venue.

Opening hours

Daily from 7:00 to 22:00

How to get there

Church is located about 5 minutes from Tartini square, on a short hill which is visible from most of the city. Take a walk from Tartini square, pass Tartini Memorial Room and Gallery Piran and continue your way on Adamičeva ulica, which will lead you to the church.