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St George’s Church (The Church of Ghosts)

Europics / Moala Richard Sulko
St George’s Church (The Church of Ghosts)
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A ghost-filled church

Located in Luková, a tiny village in the Pardubice Region in Czech Republic, is this spooky 14th century church, commonly dubbed the “Church of Ghosts”.


Falling into disrepair in 1968 after the roof collaped during a funeral, the church was completely abandoned for forty years. Artist Jakub Hadrava was commissioned to bring it back to life. And it worked. Soon, peoples from all around the world began to flock to this formerly unknown village to see the result with their own eyes.


And what did he do? He created ghost-like statues to fill the isles and pews and make the place unique (and quite frightening!). Hadrava has stated that the statues represent the Sudeten Germans who once lived in the village before the second World War and often came to the church to pray.


To get a better insight into how the church looks, check out this video!