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St. Michan’s Church

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St. Michan’s Church
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Its vaults are filled with mummies and it is here where Bram Stoker's morbid streak was inspired

Church St, Dublin 7, Ireland

Set in Dublin, St. Michan’s Church has gained popularity due to the mummified remains found in its vaults. Among the remains found here are those of a nun, the Sheares brothers, who played a role in the 1798 rebellion, and a man thought to be a crusader. Down in the limestone vault, you’ll be able to see dozens of coffins. In reality, the mummies are only able to be seen due to a loophole in the written rules of the church.


The church is located on Church Street in Dublin and dates back to the year 1686. However, its foundation was built in 1095 and served the Vikings that still remained in the island.


Another popular feature of the church is the large organ that was installed in 1724, where Handle is believed to have played the Messiah for the first time.


It is said that the church’s crypt was visited by Bram Stoker and it was here were his morbid taste was inspired from.