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St. Vitus Cathedral

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The beautiful gothic St. Vitus cathedral is the main attraction of Prague Castle.

III. nádvoří 48/2, 119 01 Praha 1
You can enter to the first part of the cathedral for free but if you wish to walk around the chapels you will have to purchase the museum ticket… totally worth it!
Free: The first part os the church 250 kc: If you wish to go around the chapels


Just in the 3rd courtyard of Prague Castle stands this perfect example of majestic architecture. Due to different reasons it took 600 years to be completed (1344-1929). The resting place of the Kings of Bohemia is in this church; one of the most important was Charles IV. The stained glass windows and rose window shows the creativity and talent of Czech glass artists, among them Alphonse Mucha and Frantisek Kysela (rose window).  


Opening hours

9am - 17pm (during summer time)) 9am- 16pm (during winter time)