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Karst Village Štanjel

Photo credit: Sitomon / Foter / CC BY-SA
Karst Village Štanjel
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Visit the true Karst

6222 Štanjel
Prosciutto, prosciutto, prosciutto! And also great wine, local fruits and vegetable.

Štanjel is a special place. It’s a quiet small village, with no more than 300 inhabitants. But under this modesty it hides many unique and beautiful features and it’s a perfect example of old Karst village. Today we can still enjoy all the characteristics of the late middle age village look. Walls were added later in the time of Turk invasions.


Štanjel is a perfect place for all who wants to experience local hospitality, Karst heritage and nature. Narrow streets of Štanjel can be a very romantic experience, especially for those who come from a bigger city.


Village Štanjel was slowly developing through many historic areas and is now a unique mixture of different styles and traditional Karst building. Amazing placement of buildings on the green hill Trn, gives this place a peaceful charm, you will not find anywhere else. On top of the hill Trn once stood a magnificent castle from the medieval era, but it did not survive to this day. One part of the castle is now in ruins and one part was renovated into a museum and art gallery. At the time of Turk invasions, in 15th century, wall was built around the village Štanjel and this is now one of the most amazing and romantic features of this village.

The most famous Štanjel`s citizen was Enrico Ferrari, who spend a lot of his free days here and even created (with help of Maks Fabian) a nice park under the village wall. Park can still be accessed today and it is quite a romantic place for couples.

So, be sure to visit this astonishing village Štanjel, take a romantic walk in the wonderful gardens, picture graceful architecture and enjoy in the local cuisine with a glass of great wine.

How to get there

Accessible from Sežana (Divača highway exit), direction Branik – Štanjel and from Nova Gorica, direction Branik – Štanjel.