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Stara Kapela

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Stara Kapela is a true Croatian treasure hidden in Slavonia!

45.236381, 17.686889

This small Slavonian village is a true Croatian treasure. It’s full of freshwater springs, the nature is rich, clear and untouched. The village has a rich history too, it was occupied by the Ottoman forces, a big part of the villagers ended up as their slaves.

Eventually, the Ottoman forces pulled back and in 1760. the village reached its final form (the form you can see today as well). Throughout history the number of the villagers was jumping up and down, but eventually Stara Kapela went almost completely extinct. In 2011. there were only 15 residents recorded to live there.


This eco-ethno village was created to promote the locals’ love towards their traditions and nature, and also to teach people about how their ancestors lived once. This place was completely turned into a tourist destination. The village has a special street light system, it depicts the old petroleum lights they used to use back in the days, but these lamps have some electronics on them, so it’s actually a mixture of old and new. These street lamps also have some lovely flower baskets on them, and at the base of the lamp post there are small box-like benches, so you can even sit down there to enjoy and take in all the beauty Stara Kapela has to offer. You can also rent some houses, so you can enjoy the (almost) full-on villager life. You get to get up in the morning in an old-fashioned house, you get to cook lunch, enjoy the view from your terrace, go on bike rides around the village, enjoy the fresh air and the natural beauty of the place.


There are a couple of houses you can stay at, some of them are Tunja’s house, Tuca’s house and Uncle’s Land.


This place is perfect for anyone who would like to try the villager life for a couple of days!