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Štatenberg Mansion

Štatenberg Mansion
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One of the most beautiful baroque palaces in Slovenia

Štatenberg 89
2321 Makole
Nature surrounding Mansion Štatenberg is amazing and the best way to fully enjoy it is to have a picnic in the courtyard next to the mansion.

Štatenberg will amaze you with the natural beauty that surrounds this antique mansion. Take a tour through the Štatenberg Mansion‘s rooms. Enjoy a relaxing walk through the garden or discover the path around ponds.

Štatenberg Mansion was built somewhere between 1696 and 1720, by Attems counts. The name Štatenberg comes from an older castle, which was located nearby but is now destroyed.

It was designed as a big, two-story castle with an open courtyard and a spacious staircase. More than 40 rooms, 5 salons, a big hall and numerous kitchens are preserved in the mansion, but not all of them are open for visitors.

Renovations are still very common and the mansion is looking better every year. A lot of frescoes with ancient mythology motives are preserved and a wine cellar was added to the castle a few years back. It should be said that the mansion used to be one of the most beautiful, as it was designed by Italian architect Camesini and decorated by master painter Joannecky. The castle chapel is also preserved and it includes a nice altar from the 18th century.


The most popular highlights are the salons decorated with beautiful baroque frescoes and a big hall, which is perfect for weddings and other big events. Some rooms in the mansion are arranged as a museum with some original furniture from that time. The tourist information center is located in the mansion as well.


This mansion is a great starting point for longer hikes and walks in the surrounding areas, where you can find Forma Viva Path, Belojača Cave, Jelovac and ruins of the old Štatenberg castle. It is also a great place for group events and weddings as it offers a lot of indoor and outdoor space, including a picnic place.


Opening hours

12:00 – 18:00

12:00 – 18:00

Sunday and Holidays
12:00 – 18:00

How to get there

Mansion Štatenberg is located very close to regional road Ptuj – Poljčane in Makole. You can also reach it from road Slovenska Bistrica – Makole.

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