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Statue of Bavaria and Hall of Fame, Munich

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Statue of Bavaria, the Hall of Fame

Theresienhöhe 16, 80339 München, Germany
It is possible to climb the spiral stairs inside the statue for a great view of the surrounding area!
Regular Admission: 3.50€
Reduced Admission: 2.50€

Approximately 20 meters tall, the Statue of the Bavaria, located in front of the Hall of Fame, is the female personification of the rich homeland of Bavaria.


One of the most important features of the Statue of Bavaria is the wreath of oak leaves held on the left hand. It is used as a symbol to signify the honorary award to those who are to be put inside the Hall of Fame.

Opening hours

April 1rst to October 15: open everyday from 9:00-18:00.
During Oktoberfest: open everyday from 9:00-20:00.
Closed from October 16th to March 31rst.