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Stegovniški slap

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Stegovniški slap near Medvodje

At the feet of the waterfall, there are many stable rocks, making possible to cross over to the other side - but be careful of the current and it can be slippery.

The Stegovniški slap is a lovely waterfall of around 9 to 15 meters high, situated near the village of Medvodje. This beautiful waterfall is hidden within the woods and mountain but is easily accessible through the hiking paths.


Through millions of years, the bed of stream has deepened. Over time, rocks from the mountains have also been carried down by the current. The stream of the Stegovniški slap also feeds the Tržiška Bistrica, the water stream that goes through the Dovžanova Soteska (a wonderful geological hiking path).


A deserted small hydroelectric plant is sitting next to the Stegovniški slap. The current of the waterfall is the strongest during spring and autumn, especially after heavy rain. The water is very refreshing during the summer.

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How to get there

About 5 km from Jelendol or 10 km from Tržič, can be reach by car, bike or on foot.