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Situated right next to the Lonjsko polje Nature Park, it has a lot to offer!

Just like Stara Lonja, Strug is also situated right in the heart of Lonjsko polje nature park. This automatically means that you’ll have lots of things to check out!


Strug has a few options for accomodation, so you can pick which one suits you best. They also have a restaurant, so you’ll be able to try some of the famous local delicacies.


You can try fishing and hunting, if you’re into those kinds of things. If you want to take part in some more peaceful activities, there are the options of birdwatching and horseriding as well! There are many other activities too that you can check out. Some of them are bike riding, enjoying a nice time in a boat on the river, shooting from a bow, or join in on a round or two of badminton.


This place really has it all. You get out of the house, you take a few steps and you’re in the nature park. You can enjoy some quiet time and peace and you get to eat some amazing food. Not to mention all the physical activity you get to take part in!


Staying here is really affordable and fun, you shouldn’t miss out on an opportunity like this! (But we do recommend some body spray against mosquitoes and similar small beings that bite.)