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Studenica Monastery

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One of the most beautiful Serbian monastery

116, Brezova 36343, Serbia

Studenica is located near town Kraljevo on the bank of the Studenica river. Within the monastery complex there are several objects: Studenica – the church of the Virgin Mary, St. Nicholas church, church of St. Anne and Joachim.
The most beautiful is the white marble church of the Virgin Mary. It is the endowment of Stefan Nemanja (founder of the Serbian state) and his son Rastko, who is known as the first Serbian Archbishop Sava. The church is built in the 12th century and was a role model for many churches that were erected in the later centuries. In architectural conception, it ranks among the finest examples of what is known as the Raska style of church building.
The sculpture of the Virgin Mary church is the most valuable work of Serbian medieval art. On the west facade is a highly decorated main portal. Maybe the most beautiful artwork of the church is the window in the apse. It has four columns with three arches and whole window is framed with ornate band.
In the church we can see one of the most beautiful medieval fresco painting: Crucifixion, on blue background with golden stars.
Only preserved Serbian medieval sundial is the one of the Virgin Mary church. The sundial is carved on the left pilaster next to the doorway at about 4 m height. The semi-circle-shaped hour plate of 21 cm radius, is divided into 12 equal hour sectors.
In 1986. Studenica is listed on the UNESCO heritage list.

Opening hours

09:00 – 17:00

How to get there

From Belgrade there are 3 ways: Belgrade (E75 highway to Batocina exclusion on the right to Kragujevac) - Kragujevac - Kraljevo - Usce - Studenica;

Belgrade (highway E75 to Mali Pozarevac exclusion on the right to Mladenovac) - Mladenovac- Topola - Rudnik - Gornji Milanovac - Kraljevo - Ušće- Studenica;

Belgrade (by Ibar highway) - Stepojevac - Ljig - Gornji Milanovac - Kraljevo - Usce - Studenica