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Students Square in Belgrade

Photo credit: anaroza / Foter / CC BY-SA
Students Square in Belgrade
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The oldest city square in Belgrade

Student Square, 11000 Belgrade

The oldest city square occupies the space between Vase Čarapića street, area around the University Park and Uzun-Mirko streets.
In written documents is recoreded that at this place existed a Turkish cemetery, which stayed here until the sixties of the 19th century. At the place of present-day University Park, Serbian authorities have set up a market in 1824 (later called the Great Market). During the regulation of the city, after 1869, Students Square was reconstructed. One part was still the Great Market while the other, on the former place of Turkish cemetery, was converted into a park. At that time, and later, the most beautiful feature of the square was Captain Misa’s building, from 1863.
In 1927 the Great Market was relocated and the whole area was transformed into a park.
Today, on Students square there are several faculties (Faculty of Philology, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Philosophy).

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How to get there

From the Republic square take a 3 minute walk along Vase Carapica street.